Jerky done right!

Introducing our premium dog treats crafted from 100% natural Choice Black Angus Beef, Chicken Cervena Venison, Peruvian Smelt, and White Pekin Duck. Elevate your pup's taste experience with quality and robust flavors. Choose excellence for your furry friend.


Providing healthy, all natural, single
ingredient, tasteful treats that inevitably bond owner and pet.

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The meat is from Master Purveyors, Inc., a local vendor at the Hunts Point Meat Market in the Bronx, NY. This distributor is known for selling top of the line meat to 5 star establishments in NYC. Our suppliers send us pre-packaged meat, packed safely to avoid cross contamination and spoiling.

We hold all of our suppliers to strict standards and stand behind every product we make, not only with the guarantee of the most wholesome ingredients but quality control assured!

Give your pet more

Our production consists of slicing the beef and dehydrating it at 160 degrees for 5 hours meeting all FDA safety standards. We utilize Excalibur dehydrators that use patented hyper wave technology and horizontal drying which removes water from the meat.

We taste test every cut before packaging and furthermore; we package our product to the top of the bag with a clear side so you can see the quality of our treats for yourself. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting.


"Our boys loved the chicken Delight Bites treats. They are easy to break into smaller pieces if you want to. I like that they are all natural single ingredient treats. They have no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or other additives. So you know exactly what your dog it getting. Give your dog more."

Farley Leonberger

"Delight Bites are such high-quality treats that humans can eat them as well! No GMOs, no additives - just meat that is dehydrated! Our dog only listens when Delight Bites are in hand. They have helped us train her in an incredible way. She's just a young German Shepherd and is now trained off leash thanks to Delight Bites!"

Venus, The Gernam Shephard

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!


At DOGMA we love our dogs and care for their parents. Dogs teach us that unconditional love is rea!

We wholeheartedly strive to provide the best quality of treats, care and companionship for your four legged friend.

We stand behind every product we make, not only with the guarantee of the most wholesome ingredients - Quality control assured!